13 November 2012 @ 05:38 pm
the girl behind the mask: dagger  

Greetings, I'm Dagger also sometimes known as "Dahlia" or "Falsetto".

About: I'm a dreamer at best, someone who might be a little difficult to understand. I possess a strong passion for the arts, and a love for fantasy. I suppose you could say I'm a child at heart, one who doesn't do well facing reality. However, I strive in earnest to correct my flaws like most people. I live in New York City, not the friendliest of places, but certainly the most culturally diverse. My hobbies include drawing, video gaming, listening to music, and walking around the town. I adore cats more so than dogs, but I always wanted to have a dog of my own.

I'm creative, imaginative, and truthful. Yet sometimes, I'm a pain.

Contact: glamdringsteel[at]gmail[dot]com
05 April 2010 @ 01:55 pm
One More Time - Friends Only  


This is a friends only journal. If you want to be added just comment, but fair warning. Not everyone will be added, only the people I know.

This post is screened & anonymity is not allowed.

.1. I am not a very religious person, so if you are a Bible thumper you will be turned away at the door.
.2. I love Final Fantasy & other Japanese roleplaying games. Have a problem with that? Then don't add me.
.3. I'm interested in all sorts of music, books, movies and anime. Please have at least four to five things in common with me before trying to add my journal.
.4. Keep your rants and drama to yourself.
.5. I don't tolerate homophobia, take that somewhere else.
.6. I don't tag other people's entries all the time because I am usually pretty busy, but I do read people's posts daily. If this bothers you, then don't add me.
.7. Shigueru Miyamoto smokes shrooms, and Hard Gay is the best wrestler ever. Go against this and you will be exiled.
.8. I own Lulu (Final Fantasy X)'s tits. Got that? Good.
.9. Yes, I do roleplay, but I do that out of boredom. Got problem with that? Then get out.
.10. Kanye West sucks. >:/
.11. Don't try to boss me around in my own journal, and don't insult me or any of my friends here. If you have issues with someone, take it somewhere else.
.12. No Gackt or Ayu haters are allowed in here, but you can tease Gackt for looking like a forty-year old girl.
.13. Please have a sense of humor, not all the rules are serious business you know.
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09 May 2009 @ 03:28 pm

Wayward travelers,

I welcome you all to "Wonderland", the magical online art journal/portfolio of the Queen of Hearts(Sharlene Thompson)

Here in this world of mythical beasts and lovely maidens, you will see the works created by our Queen for various ideas and in various designs.

She welcomes all to view her world but there are some set rules that must be made!

♥ No Stealing! Please contact the Queen if you wish to use her artworks.
♥ No Drama! Please, the Queen is a peaceful lady.
♥ No Altering these said artworks of her without permission.
♥ If wishing to buy art, please be a serious buyer. (it is very rare that the Queen does commissions)
♥ Please be respectful. (no slander)
♥ Criticisim is welcomed. (but please be be a gentle critic and not a mean spirited one)
♥ Do NOT boss me around.... (I really dislike it when people try to boss me around...)
♥ Friends sometimes disagree but don't try to pick a fight with me. (I am a lover, not a fighter.)
♥ If I cut you for any reason the past, I probably won't add you back. (Sorry but I hate drama)
♥ Simply enjoy yourself!

I thank you for listening to me and I hope you enjoy this world as much as I do.

The White Rabbit.

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